50 Metre Transparent Double Sided Polyester Tape With Red MOPP Liner

50 Metre Transparent Double Sided Polyester Tape with Red MOPP Liner

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50 Metre Transparent Double Sided Polyester Tape with Red MOPP Liner

This is a double sided adhesive tape that offers an outstanding, secure and reliable bonding solution.  Simply push onto the surface press down and then remove the carrier tape.  Suitable for numerous Craft, Card making and industrial fixing applications, sign and display, light box poster, screen repairs etc.  Its clear polyester film carrier is coated with a high bond acrylic adhesive that is resistant to elevated temperatures, U.V and difficult substrates. Suitable for Inside and Outside use.

Properties:  This tape has a strong Mylar base with a solvent acrylic adhesive giving it good adhesion and excellent long term holding power under broad temperature range. Resistant to weather conditions, UV, plasticizers and ageing. Good clarity, strong PP liner. 

Product: Double Coated Tape Clear 

Carrier: Red MOPP Film 0.08mm 

Adhesive: solvent acrylic, pressure sensitive 

Application temperature:  18ºC - 25ºC; R.H. 55%±10% 

Total Thickness:  0.100mm 

Coating Thickness (Side A/B):  0.035mm--0.040mm 

Temperature resistance:  -20ºC - 180ºC 

Usage:Prior to application the surface should be made dry and free of any dirt, dust and grease. Use sufficient pressure over the whole surface at room temperature to ensure max.

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