Automobile Foam Tape

automobile foam tape As experienced manufacturer of automobile foam tape,our tape can be customized according to customers' requirement,including adhesion and size,color etc.

Product Details

Automobile foam tape is based on white or black IXPE cross-linked foam, with red, green or blue PE release film as the release.

It is widely used in automotive interior parts, door trims, rainshields, and label fixing.

Strong adhesion, good shock absorption and weather resistance. Adhesion between automobile and motorcycle signs, household appliances, engineering decoration, curtain wall structural adhesive fixation.

Car trim strips, car glass, car pedals, seals, corrugated boards, wheel arcs, baffles, plate brake lights, and fascia boards in the car.

Automobile foam tape is based on PE foam, coated with high-performance acrylic adhesive on both sides, with elasticity The foam base material has strong adhesion, good weather resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance, and aging resistance, and provides excellent adhesion to uneven surfaces.

Suitable for electronics industry, furniture industry, metal, automotive interior and exterior decoration, signs, brand name, accessories, etc. Paste or pin the app for a long time. Especially in the automotive industry is getting more and more widely used.


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