Automotive PE Foam Tape Price

Automotive PE Foam Tape Price

Automotive PE foam tape Adhesive: Acrylic | Temperature: +80°C | Thickness: 1.50 mm | Carrier/backing: PE Foam

Product Details

PE foam Double-sided tapes is  a double sided PE foam tape for constructive mounting applications. It  consists of a highly conformable PE foam backing and a tackified acrylic  adhesive. The tape has been externally certified for furniture mirror mounting.


1. Polyethylene foam carrier

2. Good function well as insulation tape for vibration, impact

3. Easy application to curved surface

4. Excellent application to parts which require
5. Recommended for exterior mounting in automobiles

You deserve the highest-quality contract manufacturing and packaging services every single time.

1. A strict quality control system thorough our supply chain from product receipt to final delivery at every of our facility.

2. IQC (Incoming quality check)

3. IPQC (In-processing quality check) - adopts Initial Tack Testing Machine, Holding Power Testing Machine & 180℃ Peeling Testing Machine to ensure the best adhesion

4. OPQC (Outgoing product quality check) Shipping Inspection

5. Customer Feedback - collect more useful info from users to improve quality


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