Double Face Foam Tape

Automotive PE foam tape Adhesive: Acrylic | Temperature: +80°C | Thickness: 1.50 mm | Carrier/backing: PE Foam

Product Details

Double face foam tape description:

Polyethylene (PE) Foam is a closed cell crosslinked material available with adhesives and release liners.

This foam comes in different thicknesses and is used widely by the Automotive, Building and Whitegoods industries. Available in roll form or die cut parts.

Double face foam tape characteristics:

Strong enough for high performance applications e.g. VHB products
High strength and durability
Resistance to UV and water, high temperatures and chemicals
Exceptional ageing qualities
Dampens vibration and sound
Closed or open cell
Suitable for internal and external use
Highly compressible, with superior recovery
Will adhere to a wide variety of surfaces including LSE plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene
Varying colours, thicknesses and adhesive types

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