Double Faced PE Foam Tape

Automotive PE foam tape Adhesive: Acrylic | Temperature: +80°C | Thickness: 1.50 mm | Carrier/backing: PE Foam
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Product Details

About double faced foam tape:

Double faced foam offers a bonding solution for a variety of applications, including those with incompatible substrates or irregular surfaces. These double sided tapes are also used to seal, cushion, dampen and fill gaps.

Bonding with a double coated foam is a proven and reliable alternative to traditional fixing methods, such as screwing and welding. This provides opportunities for manufacturing efficiencies such as reduced assembly times, as well as removing the need for reworking.

Foams are available ready coated to your specification, or we can laminate non-adhesive foam with either a double sided tape or a transfer adhesive and can die-cut these materials into convenient shapes and sizes.

Our applications include:

Badge and trim attachment (automotive, consumer electronics etc)
Point of sale and exhibition displays
Electronics enclosure gaskets and component fixing
Mirror mounting (vehicles and furniture)
Sign making and attachment
Masking of gaps between car body parts
Battery mounting in electronic devices
Lens cushioning and attachment

Environmental sealing of exterior lighting