Two Sided Pe Mounting Tape

Automotive PE foam tape Adhesive: Acrylic | Temperature: +80°C | Thickness: 1.50 mm | Carrier/backing: PE Foam

Product Details

Description: PE foam tape is PE foam as backing, coated on both sides with strong solvent acrylic adhesive, covered with PE plastic film or yellow silicone paper or white silicone paper or glassine silicone paper as release paper liner.

Thickness: 0.15mm-3mm

Foam color: black, white and grey

Liner: Red/green/blue poly film, white/yellow paper, glassine paper


High adhesive, heat resistance, shockproof, sound resistance, strong stick, UV resistance, moisture proof, excellent performance for vibration and anti-crack, good weather resistance and anti-chemicals, Easy for use;

Good stick on the rough surface, such as plastic, metal, wood, paper. Good performance at high and low temperature.


The double-sided foam adhesive tape is designed to resist curling, making your installation process fast, easy & mess-free, high shear strength, weather proof, oil resistance, anti-corrosion, dust proof, shock absorbing, buffering, sealing , sound proof heat insulation, anti skidding and insulating. It resists extreme temperature from -20°C to 120°C, moisture, humidity, UV and so on. No objectionable odor and nontoxic, tasteless, environment protection and no discoloration.

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