DS PE Foam Tape

DS PE Foam Tape

Automotive PE foam tape Adhesive: Acrylic | Temperature: +80°C | Thickness: 1,00 mm | Carrier/backing: PE Foam

Product Details

It is coated on both sides with strong acrylic solvent base adhesive glue, with PE carrier. Wide ranges of release liner film/Yellow silicone paper/White silicone paper/Glassine silicone paper are available.

Double Sided PE Foam Tape

Backing: PE

Release liner: red/blue/green film release liner

white/yellow/brown/green/release paper liner

Adhesive glue: solvent acrylic base, hot melt base, water base

Color: white/gray/black

Thickness: 0.5-3mm

jumbo roll size: 1020 /1050mm*100/150/200/300m

Temperature Res: -20-120 ℃

Slit roll width & length can be customized

Features as below:

1. Waterproof & shockproof

2. heat resistance, sounds resistance

3. strong stick, weather resistance ability

4. UV resistance& moisture proof.

Main usage:
1. Excellent quick stick made it fit for rough surface, such as nameplate, marker, glass map and so on.

2. It is widely used for wall-mount pictures, decorations, fixing of auto parts

3. packing electronic pieces, cushion on glass board, ceramic tile and wood surface that are clean and dry.


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