Double Coated Polyester Tape

two faced PET tape Adhesive: Acrylic | Liner:red MOPP film| Thickness: 205mic | Carrier/backing: PET

Product Details

Polyester Tapes are all made with strong polyester backing and silicone adhesive, allowing them to be used in applications requiring high temperatures or adhesion to silicone treated surfaces. This tape family offers a range of backing thickness to accommodate application needs from thin tape for splicing to a thicker, stronger tape from pulling through flashing or multiple layers.    

Application information

When applying this tape the surfaces to be bonded should be: dry, dust and grease free and thoroughly clean. Avoid touching the exposed adhesive surface of the tape as this impairs its performance. The ideal cleaning method should incorporate use of a: solvent, such as: Isopropyl alcohol.

To attain the optimum bond strength sufficient pressure should be applied to the tape to ensure a good adhesive "wet out" on the substrates. This tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the best results are achieved with maximum surface contact under pressure.

The bond strength will reach its optimum strength after 24 hours.

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