Double Sided PET Bonding Tape

two faced PET tape Adhesive: Acrylic | Liner:red MOPP film| Thickness: 205mic | Carrier/backing: PET

Product Details

double-sided-clear-polyester tape with a red Mopp backing. This clear double sided polyester tape has a: strong high tack (hi bond) solvent acrylic adhesive. This adhesive, gives it excellent holding power and adhesion to the required surface. This tape is ideally suited for temporary phone repair - including: phone screens.

In addition to this, the Mono-orientated Polypropylene (MOPP) liner enhances transparency of the adhesive. This enhancement will give you a more discrete finish on the applied surfaces.

This clear tape is ideal as a: double side moulding tape.



Due to this polyester tape leaving an invisible bond-line when applied, it is ideal for glass surfaces; leaving an almost transparent finish.


This tape provides a strong rigid bond for the most demanding external applications; especially if vandalism may be an issue. As well as being demanding for external applications, it is excellent for bonding rigid extrusions and is ideal for: applications requiring an almost transparent finish.

Display assembly

This polyester tape is ideal for: display assembly, due to the adhesive used; because it is almost invisible when applied giving your display that professional finish.

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