Transparent Polyester With Red MOPP Liner

two faced PET tape Adhesive: Acrylic | Liner:red MOPP film| Thickness: 205mic | Carrier/backing: PET
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Product Details

Product Description

The Double Sided Polyester Heat Sink Tapes are widely used in paper & printing industry. The tapes have a good track and at the same time allow repositioning within a short time of application. The release liner added to the tape protects the tape until it is ready for use. The liners used are made of silicon paper that enables the tapes to be peeled from the carrier easily.

Advantages :

The double sided cotton or polyester tapes have following advantages:

  • High viscosity

  • Allows joining with both the sides

  • Thick

  • Flexible

  • Silicone adhesives used to ensure good adhesion strength

  • Removes cleanly from surfaces