Two Faced PET Tape

two faced PET tape Adhesive: Acrylic | Liner:red MOPP film| Thickness: 205mic | Carrier/backing: PET

Product Details


The PET Tape is a tough translucent heavy duty double sided tape has a polyester film coated on both sides with a clear aggressive dispersion acrylic based adhesive interleaved with a white siliconised paper release liner.

The tape is specially designed to offer extra performance and to withstand adverse weather conditions for long periods in extreme temperatures (from -20°C to +120°C) and a maximum short term high temperature resistance of +200˚C

It has also an excellent resistance to plasticisers that enables the tape to be used with PVC products without the adhesive characteristics being affected.


  • Low and High Temperature Resistant

  • Widest temperature range of all double sided tapes

  • Ageing Resistant

  • Plasticisers Resistant

  • UV Resistant

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