Automotive Grade Acrylic Foam Tape

automotive grade acrylic foam tape no carrier/transparent glue/red film liner/double sided

Product Details

automotive grade acrylic foam tape

Broadya incorporates a pressure sensitive adhesive system that provides quick adhesion strength that builds to a high ultimate bond for long term performance. The solid acrylic construction offers much greater tear strength compared to typical foam tapes. It is designed to bond to a wide range of substrates, especially LOW-SURFACE ENERGY paint systems and material. This adhesive is compatible with most plastics, TPO, ABS, and painted surfaces, and provides excellent weather resistant properties.


Properties          Unit      Value      Method

Adhesive                      Acrylic

Thickness            mm       1.0

Tensile Strength    gf/cm2    ≥6,500

Peel Adhesion       gf/25mm   ≥4,000

Holding power       Hrs       >24


Automotive Trim (interior & exterior)
High Temperature Resistance
Moiture, Solvent, and Shock Resistance
Bus, truck, trailer, and other vehicles' body side molding, trim, PDP panel, mirror, glass, emblem.
Suitable for MARINE and WATERCRAFT application

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