Application Of Double Sided Foam Tape

- Dec 06, 2019-

Foam tape has excellent shock absorption, anti-cracking performance, and strong adhesion, which makes many people begin to understand and use foam tape. As more and more industries start to introduce and use foam tape, everyone has a deeper understanding of the use and effect of foam tape. The superior properties of foam tape can well protect the product. Let's sort out the specific use of foam tape today.

Soft and flexible material is more suitable for rough and irregular bump surface bonding. It is used in automobile manufacturing, electronics industry for shock absorption, blocking and protection. It is generally used for nameplate, logo, map adhesion, and fixed electronic accessories Packaging, glass layout.

Foam tape also has sealability, which is also very suitable for office, home and other occasions to paste calligraphy and painting.

There are many specifications of the foam tape thickness. Different occasions need to choose different thickness of foam tape. Thick foam tape has better shock absorption performance. Ultra-thin foam tape is used in precision instruments and electronic devices.