Applications For Double Sided Tapes

- Sep 06, 2018-

There are many types of double-sided tapes that are widely used in different industries:

1.  Non-woven substrate double-sided adhesive has good viscosity and  processability. Generally, the long-term temperature resistance can  reach 70-80 ° C, the short-term temperature can reach 100-120 ° C, and  the thickness is generally about 0.08-0.15 MM. Nameplate, plastic fitting, automobile, mobile phone, electrical  appliance, sponge, rubber, signage, paper products, toys and other  industries, assembly of home appliances and electronic instruments,  display lenses.

2,  non-substrate double-sided adhesive has excellent adhesion effect to  prevent falling off and excellent waterproof performance, good  processing performance, good temperature resistance, short-term  temperature can reach 204-230 ° C, general long-term temperature  resistance reaches 120-145 ° C The thickness is generally about 0.05-0.13MM, which is suitable for bonding of nameplates, panels and decorative parts.

3,  PET double-sided adhesive has good temperature resistance and strong  shear resistance, generally long-term temperature resistance reaches  100-125 ° C, short-term temperature resistance reaches 150-200 ° C,  thickness is generally 0.048-0.2MM, suitable for nameplate , LCD, decorations, decorative parts.

4.  Foam double-sided adhesive has softness, good applicability, good  initial tack and good adhesion, good solvent resistance and UV  resistance, generally thickness is about 0.4-1.0MM, short-term  temperature resistance reaches 130-150°C, long-term resistance The  temperature reaches 80-93 °C, which is suitable for the bonding of air  conditioners, office furniture and communication products. It can  replace the screw fixing design to make the products more beautiful.点击图标下载 App