How To Deal With Bubbles When Double-sided Tape Is Pasted

- Jul 23, 2019-

Reasons for bubbles when double-sided tape is pasted:

When the double-sided tape is cut during the production process or the processing, the air layer and the rubber layer are often entrapped in the air, and the sealing is not tight and easily causes bubbles.

Paste tips:

1. Clean the surface of the items that need to be pasted to improve the adhesion.

2. Apply primer to some unfavorable appearances.

3, tear off the double-sided adhesive release paper, and then stick it on the material, first stick one side, press down hard, make the tape and the bonded surface get full contact, with the scraper or roller and other items attached to the other side, This will reduce the generation of bubbles and make the double-sided tape very good to be posted.