How To Solve Bubbles In Nano-double-sided Tape

- Jul 23, 2019-

Nano-adhesive tape, most of the double-sided tape that has just been shipped from the factory has a bubble, which is because the double-sided tape is often cut into the air during the production process, and the air between the rubber layer and the rubber layer is often entrapped. Will form a bubble presentation.

When the nano-tape tape presents a bubble, after a period of time, the bubble will disappear automatically. The longer the placement time, the higher the transparency of the double-sided tape will be. After a period of time, the air escapes the tape. The surface will be flat and the bubbles will disappear.

Therefore, many times, the reason why the bubble of the nano-box tape purchased in the shopping mall or supermarket is relatively small is that the tape with a length of less than 100 yards is placed for a long time, so the bubble gradually disappears actively, and the larger The longer the tape is placed, the more it will become, and the bubble will not be visible. It can be seen that the bubble in the double-sided tape does not affect the quality of the tape, such as the tension and the viscosity are not related to the bubble, the bubble only affects the beauty of the tape, and the bubble tape can be used with confidence.