Selection Of Tape Types

- Mar 14, 2018-

There are many kinds of adhesive tapes, and there are many kinds of adhesives on the surface. Therefore, the performance and strength of various brands of tapes are different. Therefore, the following factors need to be considered when purchasing tapes:

The microporosity of the desired adhesive: due to the adhesive effect of the adhesive tape, it is because the moisture of the adhesive on the adhesive surface of the adhesive tape penetrates into the adhesive material after the adhesive tape is quickly dried, so that the adhesive tape becomes part of the adhesive material, Therefore, the microporosity of the desired adhesive surface is very important for the selection of the adhesive tape. If the microporous material of the device has a greater moisture absorption power, the adhesive must be used to quickly coagulate the adhesive tape, whereas the tape with a slower coagulation speed must be used. Or adhesive tape containing more adhesive.

Tape Adhesive: Adhesive tape is applied to the backing tape at the end of the manufacturer's belt and is usually fully dried. After the adhesive tape is too wet, the tape itself will stick together and it will be difficult to open the tape. Some cannot be used at all.