Simply Tell You How To Keep Double-sided Tape

- Sep 06, 2018-

Simply tell you  how to save double-sided tape. There are many kinds of tapes for  double-sided tape manufacturers. In life, it can be used many times, but  sometimes it is not easy to use it when you just bought it. This is What is the reason, with this question. In  fact, the reason for this imagination is mainly because the  double-sided adhesive manufacturer said that it has not been preserved,  so how to save it? In the rainy season, the air humidity is too large.  When the wet tape of the package is not used up, it should be replayed. Store in a plastic bag and do not store it in the air. This will affect the reuse.

The double-sided  tape is stored in a dry warehouse, and is packaged according to the  appropriate amount to prevent the tape from being deteriorated by  moisture. Therefore, as long as it is well preserved, it will not affect  the use.