Supermarkets Use Industrial Tape To Bundle Vegetables,People Need To Pay Attention To Buying Vegetables

- Nov 07, 2018-

Recently, the public Ms. Zhu went to a large supermarket in the city to buy food. She carefully found vegetables such as celery, leeks, cabbage, etc. The supermarkets generally used tapes to bundle them in advance and put them on the price tag. "This is really convenient for the public to buy, it is a little trouble when going home to clean up. After the tape is torn off, the surface of the vegetable still feels sticky. In addition to the plastic tape, the price tag is generally directly attached to the vegetable, and it is not easy to tear. Clean." Ms. Zhu told reporters.

According to the situation described by Ms. Zhu, the reporter visited a number of supermarkets in the city and found that many fresh vegetables were bundled with plastic tape. The reporter asked the supermarket staff that the bundled vegetable tape was an industrial grade tape, not a food packaging material. "Bundle vegetables directly with tape and mark the price tag in advance, which can improve sales efficiency and facilitate the purchase of the public." As to whether the harmful substances on the tape will remain on the vegetables, the supermarket staff said that the supermarkets are so bundled, go back and put The tape is torn off. In an interview with the supermarket, the reporter found that most citizens did not care about bundling vegetables with tape. A citizen who is picking vegetables said: "The tape is very common. You can go back and wash it. If you don't feel relieved, throw the leaves on the outermost layer."

It is understood that industrial tape contains benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances, which will penetrate into the vegetable through the vegetable skin. If it is ingested for a long time, it will cause potential harm to the human body. The reporter suggested that the public should try not to buy the vegetables directly tied with tape, or remove the tape as soon as possible after purchase. The peeled vegetables can be directly peeled off by the contact between the vegetables and the tape.