Where Can The Double-sided Cloth Tape Be Used

- Jul 23, 2019-

The double-sided cloth tape is based on the thermal composite of polyethylene and gauze fibers. Both sides are coated with high-viscosity synthetic glue, which has strong peeling force, tensile strength, grease resistance, aging resistance and water resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

It is a high-adhesive tape with relatively strong adhesion. The adhesive tape used in the notebook and crystal photo albums we use is made of double-sided cloth-based tape, because the double-sided cloth-based tape is soft and more conformable to the paper. Carpets are used in some public places. In order to prevent the carpet from moving, we will use cloth tape to fix it. Now the cloth tape on the market is also very rich in color, which can be selected according to the color of the carpet. If you don't want to expose the cloth tape, you can also use the double-sided cloth base. The double-sided cloth base tape sticks to the floor and fixes the carpet on the floor. Because it is hidden in the middle gap, it is both beautiful and practical.

The cloth-based tape has the characteristics of no residue. When we replace the carpet, the tape can be peeled off without leaving any traces of the tape. The carpet can be reused and saved.

double sided cloth tape-1