Where Can You Find Good Double Sided Tape Factory

- May 11, 2018-

Guangzhou Broadya is an experienced manufacturer of various kinds of double sided tape in China,locates in suburbs of Guangzhou city.For conenience of our customers visiting and busines discussion,we have modern sales office in city center for Guangzhou.If customers are coming to Guangzhou on business trip,it is very convenient for them to come.We can arrange a car to visit our factory,too.

From Canton Fair to Guangzhou city to our factory: About 53km

From Canton Fair to our sales office in Guangzhou city center: About 20km

From sales office in city center of Guangzhou to our factory: About 50km

From Guangzhou East Railway station to our factory: About 50km

Our main products are including double sided tissue tape,double sided OPP tape,double sided PET tape,double sided PVC tape like TESA,double sided PE foam tape,double sided EVA foam tape,double sided acrylic foam tape etc.Well exported to many countries all over the world.If you are in Guangzhou,welcome to come and visit us.

Contact: Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat/008613902279196